Creative Writing_Planning Skills_Level One_Structured Plan E
Using pictures and colours to express thoughts - writing is not required

I teach this exercise to children aged 4 to 7 years.  I also teach a similar form of Structured Plan which is more suitable for older children aged 8 through to adults (listed under Level Two Creative Writing Planning Skills).  This is an enjoyable exercise which we do as often as required.  This exercise introduces story-planning to young children, and especially to dyslexics and dyspraxics, in a way which encourages creativity, originality and enjoyment.  There need be no writing involved, although there are two follow-up activities I teach to cater for different levels of writing ability.  This exercise is based primarily on expressing the student's own ideas in a structured way using images.  A benefit of this exercise is that the final result can be used as personal reading practice to motivate the young dyslexic or dyspraxic reader. 

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