Visual Sequential Memory Skills_Level Six_Vowel Digraphs 
The ultimate test to sharpen visual sequential memory ability

This game is suitable for children aged 9 through to adults.  Allow under ten minutes for this lesson.  This game is an advanced sequel to Visual Sequential Memory Skills Level Five.  This game provides a further challenge as it requires the student to recall from memory a sequence not of single vowel letters, but of pairs of vowels (or, vowel digraphs).  This is an ultimate test for the dyslexic or dyspraxic as recalling vowel digraphs readily and correctly is usually a challenge during spelling in particular.  Visual sequential memory skills are essential to literacy ability, and often need to be strengthened in the case of dyslexia or dyspraxia.  This game is advanced, and is designed to follow the cumulative series of games to develop visual sequential memory skills in Levels OneTwoThreeFour and Five.  You will receive by e-mail a two-page PDF to print which contains full instructions for this lesson.

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