Visual Discrimination Skills_Snap Games_Level Four_au and ua G
Additional advanced practice in visual discrimination

I teach this game to children aged 7 through to adults.  Again this fast-paced game requires the dyslexic or dyspraxic to try to picture these similar-looking sequences in order to make a quick decision.  This is excellent training in spotting the visual difference between subtly-different letter combinations, a key skill both for reading and spelling.

Visual Discrimination Skills_Snap Games_Level Four_ae and ea G
Learning to picture the difference between these vowel pairs (digraphs): ae, ea

I teach this game to children aged 7 through to adults.  More advanced than Level Three Visual Discrimination Snap Games, Level Four consists of challenging games focusing purely on the easily-confused vowel pairs (or, digraphs).  To win this game you need really to be able to discriminate rapidly in a visual way between the digraphs.  Hence this fun game encourages a visual approach to word recognition, and stimulates visual sequential memory; both are key skills which often need to be developed in dyslexics and dyspraxics. 

Snap Games

ae and ea
Snap Games

au and ua
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