Spelling Skills_Spelling Patterns_bl- to sl-_Coins T
A fun follow-on activity, to extend the range of letter blends from 'bl' to 'sl'

I teach this technique to children aged 5 through to adults.  This technique
is designed as a follow-on activity from 'bl' Poster (above).  The student makes a tactile game to play which will help to distinguish readily the different 'l' blends (including: bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, sl).  No writing is involved. 

Spelling Skills_Spelling Patterns_bl- to sl-_'bl' Poster T
An enjoyable and quite personal technique to learn about the spelling 'bl'

I teach this technique to children aged 5 through to adults.  This technique
is a gentle introduction to learning about spellings beginning with the sound 'bl'.  However this technique can also be applied to learning many other initial-consonant blends, including further 'l' blends like 'sl', 'r' blends like 'cr' and 'p' blends like 'sp'. 
It can also be used to learn triple blends, such as 'spr' or 'str'.  This technique is based on an art and craft project which engages the dyslexic or dyspraxic thoroughly and enjoyably in learning about 'bl'.  


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