Spelling Skills_Vowels_Sounds_Level Three_Revision T
Captivating ways to practise spelling during daily life

I teach this confidence-building technique to children aged 4 through to adults.  It is a follow-on activity from First Spellings (above) and revises all that has been learnt in a richly multi-sensory way while doing everyday activities like cooking, travelling or playing. 

Spelling Skills_Vowels_Sounds_Level Three_First Spellings T
A gentle introduction to spelling independently - the focus is on sound analysis

I teach this technique to children aged 4 through to adults.  This technique follows on from Level Two Vowels Sounds Lessons and is designed for dyslexics and dyspraxics who know the vowel sounds (A, E, I, O, U) and some consonants (non-vowel letters, such as T) and who have practised sound-blending a vowel with a consonant.  At this stage the practice of spelling can be initiated.  This technique again uses tactile, multi-sensory methods combined with minimal writing
to introduce the practice of writing down sounds as spellings. 


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