Spelling Skills_Vowels_Sounds_Level Four_Consonant Vowel Consonant 
Tactile practice at how best to cope with reading and spelling three-letter words 

This technique is suitable for children aged 4 through to adults.  Allow under ten minutes for this lesson.  This technique follows on from Level Three Vowels Sounds Lessons, broadening the dyslexic or dyspraxic's skills to encompass longer words involving a consonant (non-vowel letter, such as T) then a vowel (A, E, I, O, U) and finally a consonant.  Blending these three sounds can be a stumbling block for young children and adult dyslexics or dyspraxics alike.  This technique uses tactile activities to make sound analysis and blending easier.  You will receive by e-mail a one-page PDF to print which contains full instructions for this lesson.

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