Spelling Skills_Preliminaries_Alphabet Sequence_Learning A to Z T
Engaging multi-sensory techniques to remember the sequence A to Z

I teach this technique to children aged 4 through to adults.  Four cumulative steps involve the student in a variety of multi-sensory, tactile activities and games to learn the alphabet sequence thoroughly, and to develop the link between letter-shape and letter-name which is vital for spelling and reading.

Spelling Skills_Preliminaries_Alphabet Sequence_Revising A to Z T
An enjoyable way to revise the whole alphabet sequence

I teach this technique to children aged 4 through to adults.  It is a reinforcement technique to use once the alphabet sequence has been learnt.  The technique is in the format of a game.  It builds a visual memory of the alphabet sequence which can often be lacking in dyslexics and dyspraxics. 

A to Z

Revising A to Z
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