Reading Skills_Reading Fluency_Word Analysis T
A range of techniques to help analyse and decode an unknown word

I teach Word Analysis to children aged 4 through to adults.  This is a fundamental technique to enable dyslexics or dyspraxics to read an unknown word.  We explore four different, tactile techniques to perceive the word as parts making up a whole, which is the starting point for effective sound analysis and blending. 

Reading Skills_Reading Fluency_Punctuation T
Learn to notice punctuation and read sentences more fluently

I teach this technique to children aged 6 through to adults.  We explore three different, tactile ways to develop greater awareness of sentence structure.  This technique helps dyslexics or dyspraxics to read sentences much more fluently. 

Reading Skills_Reading Fluency_Page Marking T
How to simplify and clarify the page before beginning to read

I teach Page Marking to children aged 4 through to adults.  It is a quick,  enjoyable technique to transform a daunting page of text into something appealing.  It is a vital technique for those dyslexics and dyspraxics who become easily confused by the layout of printed information, including exam papers.  



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