Numeracy Skills_Times Tables_Jumping Game G
A popular game for indoors or out to learn the times tables

A very physical game which I teach to children to learn the times tables. It is particularly helpful to dyspraxics but also those who find it nearly impossible to remember the times tables.  The Jumping Game is richly multi-sensory, involving the whole body.

Numeracy Skills_Times Tables_Ball Game G
An active game which also improves motor-coordination skills

I teach this fun game to children and teenagers to learn the times tables.  It is basically a form of auditory learning and therefore helpful to dyslexics and dyspraxics.  This game can be played just about anywhere and is a great way to learn and to revise the times tables. 

Numeracy Skills_Times Tables_Tennis Game G
Enjoy revising the times tables you have learnt

I teach this game to children and teenagers to revise times tables they have already learnt. The Tennis Game is a quick game which encourages the dyslexic or dyspraxic to revise a times-tables sequence independently.  This is a very helpful game to play before a test.  The Tennis Game is ideal for playing outside. 



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