Sarah Ablitt is a qualified dyslexia tutor who enjoys working with dyslexics and dyspraxics:

"I have always had an interest in literature and writing.  While studying for a degree in English Literature and Philosophy at the University of East Anglia I became even more interested in language, and how people communicate with words.  A growing interest in dyslexia became more central.  I studied for a post-graduate diploma in teaching adults and children with dyslexia at the Hornsby International Dyslexia Centre, London, which I gained with Merit.

Since graduating, I have gained 18 years' experience working with students aged four years to over 50 whom I have tutored in person privately, at school or college or by distance learning .  I have taught students with dyspraxia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia and ASC combined with dyslexia.

I continue to tutor privately from my home in Kettering, Northamptonshire, UK.  I have a special interest in using dyslexics' and dyspraxics' creative talents to the full to improve spelling, reading, writing, memory and numeracy skills."

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Practical solutions to help in overcoming dyslexia or dyspraxia

Fun solutions to help dyslexia or dyspraxia
Sarah Ablitt BA (Hons) PGDipSpLD
Specialist Dyslexia Teacher
Kettering, Northamptonshire, UK