What are the symptoms of dyslexia or dyspraxia?
The symptoms of dyslexia are wide-ranging, from directional confusion to the knock-on effect of depression resulting from frustration, alienation, and low self-esteem.

Common dyslexia symptoms include:

Dyspraxia symptoms can further include:

What is dyslexia?
'Dyslexia' literally means 'difficulty with the written word'.  It is a complex condition, usually present from birth, which prevents someone from accessing printed or written material in a normal way.  So, although many dyslexics are highly intelligent, they require 'extra time' to process text that they read or write.  If dyslexia is very severe, the barriers to reading and writing may appear insurmountable.
Can dyslexia be overcome?
While dyslexia may never fully disappear, it may be helped significantly so that reading, spelling and writing become much easier.  Wider recognition of dyslexia and the use of structured, phonetic, multi-sensory teaching methods help to remedy dyslexics' barriers to literacy and numeracy.
What are the strengths and skills of the dyslexic or dyspraxic?
Particular skills can include some of the following:

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